Zero Dollar Verdict Upheld in Car Accident Case

At the beginning of this month, a car accident case showed up in the Supreme Court of Virginia. The case included the plaintiff who was injured in a minor car accident. The defendant admitted that the accident was caused due to him but as the plaintiff could not prove that the injuries she sustained were due to the accident, she did not get any compensation.

The accident was caused in the following way. The plaintiff stopped at the red light, she then noticed that there was a boom. She saw a car creeping to the intersection. She was buckled and applied brakes and stopped the car before the intersection was reached. Her body did not come into contact with the dashboard or steering wheel but she tensed up. After the accident, there were no bruises or cuts or scrapes but she wanted to go to the hospital where she was released shortly afterward.

She says that post the accident twice she had to go to her doctor due to pain in her shoulder and back, but she could not present proof. Ten months later, she had to undergo surgery for a partial tear around the bicep tendon and labral tear. The defendant admitted he was responsible for the accident but not for the injuries, and so zero dollars had to be paid out as per the jury’s verdict.