The Tax Lawyer Or Account To Handle Tax Woes

When you know you need a reliable professional tax advice, your next question is to find out and consider whether you should approach a lawyer or an accountant to help you. Well, both these have their merits and need to…..

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FAA Comes To The Rescue Of Business

Matthew Cipolla | November 21, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration has a set of rules for the operation of non-hobbyists commercial unmanned aircraft. This provides a fact sheet as well as an advisory circular, and this is not exhaustive, but it does mention the rules which…..

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What Are The Exceptions To Regards Requirements For Naturalization ?

Matthew Cipolla | June 29, 2016

In order to become a citizen of the US, part of the procedure includes that you need to pass an English language exam and you need to pass the history and government examination as well. These are the hardest for…..

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How Can You Prevent Losing The LPR Or Green Card Status

Matthew Cipolla | May 23, 2016

When you get a green card or a Legal Permanent Resident, it is a privilege that can be revoked. One method of losing this is when you abandon your permanent residence in the US. If you stay out of the…..

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A Brief Look At Temporary Protected Status or TPS

Matthew Cipolla | April 27, 2016

TPS or Temporary Protected Status can be provided by the Attorney General to those people who are immigrants and cannot return safely for temporary periods to their home country. This could be as a result of either natural disasters, civil…..

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No Driving While Holding Your Phone!

Matthew Cipolla | February 21, 2016

In 2017 from New Year’s Day, California has prohibited drivers from driving when holding their cell phones. This was signed by Jerry Brown the Governor way back in September, but it only took effect in January. This does not allow…..

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Zero Dollar Verdict Upheld in Car Accident Case

Matthew Cipolla | January 9, 2016

At the beginning of this month, a car accident case showed up in the Supreme Court of Virginia. The case included the plaintiff who was injured in a minor car accident. The defendant admitted that the accident was caused due…..

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